About us

Zar Teb Pharmed Company was established with the main goal of supplying requirements and demands of the pharmaceutical market in the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Zar Teb Pharmed Company tries to recognize the required pharmaceutical molecules in different medical fields in Iran , based on strategic assessment of market by its expert/ scientific team and also doctors advice.

In order to meet these demands, Zar Teb Pharmed’ mission is described as importing and also manufacturing.

Zar Teb Pharmed Company collaborates with multi-national companies to import the Brand and Generic products to Iran with acceptance of their agency and strong Sales & Marketing activities.

Also, Zar Teb Pharmed Company, by presenting of business plan of required products to domestic and also international pharmaceutical factories, tries to have under-licensing and contact manufacturing in Iran.

Another Zar Teb Pharmed’ mission is urgent & parallel importing out of registration process based on Iran MOH instructions. For parallel importing Zar Teb Pharmed Company is ready  to have purchasing from international pharmaceutical wholesalers.

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